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Should You Record Your Local Sex Action?

Let me tell you about adult dating sites that I use as a fuck finder. This is like Facebook for people looking for anonymous sex. That’s right. If you’re hot and bothered about getting pussy in your area, you only need to join to bang local hotties.

We’re not talking about crazy women. We’re not talking about fat women who can’t get laid otherwise. We’re talking about perfectly normal, premium-looking women looking for hard dick. As long as you’re able to keep it at that level, you should be good to go.

If you’ve been using Findlocalfuck or thinking of using some kind of free fuck find service, you have to keep in mind that a lot of guys record their sex action online. Their partners are more than happy to record them having sex. The problem is this might open a can of worms. Pay attention to the following issues.

First, Why Do People Record sex Videos

Asking this question is just like asking why people keep trophies of the lions, rhinos, or giraffes that they kill in Africa. It’s all about having a trophy. It’s all about having a record of you having sex with that hottie. Of course, you’re not going to record yourself banging a fat, ugly girl, right? So basically, your sex videos are your “Best of” series. It’s like watching the highlights of an NBA championship game.

Pay Attention to Legalities

It’s really important, if you’re going to be recording your online sex action, that you get her consent. Depending on the state in the United States that you live in, you might be on the hook for not getting her consent or not getting the right kind of consent. You might want to research a little bit because if you break the law, not only would you have to probably pay a lot of money, but you might end up in jail. Unless you like being raped in jail, this is not a good idea, you’re much better off just using findlocalfuck

Make Sure It’s a Video Worth Remembering

This is my biggest point. If you’re going to be recording your sex escapades, make sure that it’s a video worth watching. You don’t want to watch a video of you banging a fat, ugly chick. You don’t want a video of you fucking an ugly woman, right? So make sure that the woman you ask to record the video with you is worth writing home about.